Consultations with Youth on the UN Agenda: Youth, Peace, and Security 

Last weekend, we were really productive as we organized several side events in addition to the XI KOMS Assembly for the delegates from our member organizations. 

As part of the XI Regular Assembly of KOMS in Bajina Bašta on October 28, 2023, we organized consultations with youth on the implementation of the UN Agenda: Youth, Peace, and Security. This event was organized in collaboration with the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). 

KOMS joined forces with RYCO to introduce the participants to the UN Agenda along with a plan for its implementation. Additionally, the results of the research titled “Youth for Peace and Security: Analysis of the UN Agenda Implementation in the Serbian Context” were presented. 

More than 40 young people, representing youth organizations and organizations for youth from various parts of Serbia, discussed the priorities of the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda. They presented the activities of their organizations at the local level within the framework of this Agenda and identified their needs to enhance their capacities and ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of their initiatives. 

Opening remarks were delivered by Aleksandra Mihajlović, program assistant at KOMS, and Ivana Markulić, program coordinator at the RYCO LBO in Serbia. They provided participants with insights into the process of adopting this Agenda, its priorities, core pillars, and why its implementation is essential for youth, their position, and youth policy in general. Special attention was given to the local context, emphasizing the importance of peacebuilding and reconciliation processes and the involvement of these organizations in these endeavors. Furthermore, Aleksandra presented KOMS’s previous work in implementing this Agenda in Serbia, including youth workshops and the analysis “Youth for Peace and Security: Analysis of the UN Agenda in the Serbian Context.” 

Following this introductory segment, participants engaged in group discussions addressing key areas of Agenda implementation: youth policies and programs, peace and security policies and programs, foreign policy and international cooperation, education, culture, arts, economic and employment policies, justice and human rights policies, gender equality, healthcare policies, environmental protection and climate change, science and technology policies. Participants developed an overview of the activities in their communities related to these program implementation areas and discussed what should be improved, modified, or retained as best practices. 

The conclusion of these youth consultations highlighted the need for collaborative actions, intersectoral and multisectoral cooperation, and a strategic approach to implementing the UN Agenda on Youth, Peace, and Security in Serbia. 

KOMS is committed to continuing its collaboration with RYCO to successfully achieve the priorities set by the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda and active engagement of youth in their local communities is vital for this purpose.