KOMS Program Coordinator Anja Jokić elected as member of Council of Europe’s Advisory Council on Youth: Highlights from the European Youth Forum’s General Assembly in Brussels 

On April 21 and 22, the General Assembly (GA) of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) was convened in Brussels, Belgium, which brought together representatives of national youth councils and international youth non-governmental organizations. The YFJ GA was attended by our Programme Coordinator, Anja Jokić, on behalf of KOMS. 

The comprehensive agenda of the General Assembly also included the elections for members of the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ) of the Council of Europe. Anja, a KOMS candidate, was elected as a member of the CCJ for the period 2024-2025. 

As a member of the CCJ in the next two years, Anja will be able to provide advice to the Committee of Ministers on all issues related to youth and the Council of Europe’s youth sector, including future priorities, programs, and budgets. For more information on the elections, please follow the link provided. 

After the election, the delegates were addressed by Antje Rothemund, the outgoing Head of the Youth Department at the Council of Europe. In addition to the CCJ elections and the elections for the Financial Control Commission of the YFJ, the delegates had the opportunity to discuss the content of the Convention on the Rights of Young People and work on the development of the organization’s Strategic Priorities, which will guide its work and actions in the coming years. 

Moreover, member organizations voted in favour of four motions:  

  1. Application to associate willing non-EU European countries with Erasmus+,  
  1. Freedom of Movement for All: Bulgaria and Romania belong in the Schengen Area
  1. Calling for access to education, civic space and funding for young people and youth organisations in Türkiye
  1. Expressing solidarity with young refugees in the United Kingdom and across wider Europe.  

During the General Assembly, we seized the opportunity to participate in the “Made in MOs” workshops organized by member organizations, as well as to network with other member organizations. We are particularly pleased that we were able to allocate time to plan the network’s next activities with our partners from the Southern Youth Councils network (SYC).