Legitimate representatives of young people for a stable region and cooperation

On the initiative of the National Youth Council of Serbia, was organized a meeting of the association responsible for the selection of the youth representative and the minister in charge of youth, Husein Memić.

For the first time, the youth representatives had the opportunity to discuss the non-transparent appointment of the youth representative, and explain and additionally argue the position expressed in the official letter to the then Minister Udovicic, from September 2022.

On this occasion, KOMS, NAPOR and National KZM asked Minister Memic to start the procedure for selecting a new youth representative of Serbia in RYCO for the following reasons:

  • The unions believe that by concealing information in the biography of one of the candidates, the selection process did not proceed transparently and that the work committee in the selection process did not have all the information on the basis of which it could make an objective decision about the best candidate. Upon receiving information that for two of the three members of the commission was an obvious conflict of interest when it came to the candidate Jagoš Stojanović, two of the three associations reacted by sending a letter to the ministry, which at that time still had not decided on the appointment of a youth representative.
  • The ministry never responded to the aforementioned reaction, nor were the unions informed about any further action of the ministry in this process, which is why we express our doubt that the government really had all the information at its disposal when appointing the youth representative by the Government Conclusion in October.
    • The associations therefore believe that the Ministry of Youth and Sports violated the Memorandum on Cooperation in the process of implementing the Agreement on the Establishment of the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation, which obliges all signatories (MOS, KOMS, NAPOR and NKZM), to make the selection process transparent and with the participation of the youth sector (Each The Contracting Party will select a youth representative using its own mechanisms in a transparent, inclusive and democratic manner and in close cooperation with civil society dealing with youth).

    In addition, we believe that the recent public appearances of Jagoš Stojanović contradict the values of the youth sector, as well as state policy when it comes to regional cooperation, and that Jagoš does not represent the youth of Serbia in the right way and threatens the national interest and reputation of our country. We would like to point out that additional reason for his removal and repetition of the selection procedure.

    The minister heard the youth and promised to consult with the prime minister about the solution.