Young People Committed to Peace and Security: KOMS and KRK Have Signed Declaration of Commitment

On December 23, the National Youth Council of Serbia and the National Youth Congress of Albania – KRK (Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar) have signed a Declaration of Commitment to implementing Declaration of Commitment to implementation of the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda (YPS). 

In 2021, the two youth umbrella organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Enhancing Bilateral Co-operation Among Youth Actors from Albania and Serbia, and the need for localization of YPS Ageda was recognized as one of the key topics for the joint work of KOMS and KRK during the meeting held in September 2022

The Declaration of Commitment was signed within the KRK General Assembly, which brought together young delegates of youth-led and youth-orieted organizations, informal groups, representatives of universities and youth political forums that are part of the structure of the KRK. 

The signing of the Declaration was preceded by a panel discussion that was devoted to key developments in the youth sector, including the YPS agenda, at the level of Albania, the Western Balkans and the European Union. On behalf of KOMS Anja Jokić, Programme Coordinator took part in the panel discussion. Also, panelists were: Tom Mathew, Board Member of European Youth Forum, Irena Topalli, International Relations Manager, Tirana European Youth Capital 2022, Dafina Peci, Executive Director, KRK, Ana Mullanji, Executive Director, Beyond Barriers, Klajdi Priska, Policy Officer, KRK, and Klajdi Kaziu, Secretary General, UN Association in Albania.  

Miljana Pejić Secretray-General of KOMS, aslo addresed the delgates. Upon that, Miljana and Dafina Peci signed in and online format the Declaration of Commitment recognizing the long-term and constructive partnership between the two youth umbrella organizations, with the aim of connecting young people from Albania and Serbia as well as Southeastern Europe (SEE) for joint progress and successful implementation of initiatives aimed at building peace. 

By signing this declaration, KOMS and KRK expressed their commitment to maintaining the basic principles of the agenda during its implementation and recognized the key importance of a joint proactive role in carrying out the basic mission of building a safe, peaceful and stable environment for young people living in Albania and Serbia, with the aim of promoting multiculturalism, inclusiveness, cooperation, peacebuilding, mutual respect and other values that are recognized as European values. 

We hope that this will be recognized as an example of good practice and that the signing of this Declaration will be a starting point for other youth umbrella organizations from SEE, as well as regional actors in the field of youth policy to work on the implementation of this agenda, especially since it is recognized as one of the thematic and advocacy priorities within the Third Regional Strategic Meeting of the youth umbrella associations of the Western Balkans