KOMS at the general assembly of the European Youth Forum

From November 24 to 27, the deputy president of the management board, Maša Vračar, and the program coordinator of KOMS, Anja Jokić, were in Tirana, the European Youth Capital ’22, where the general assembly of the European Youth Forum – GA YFJ was held.

Which city is the European Youth Capital in 2025?

In addition to participating in the GA, Anja and Maša attended the ceremony of declaring the European Youth Capital for 2025. Cities shortlisted for the title were Fuenlabrada in Spain, Izmir in Turkey, Lviv in Ukraine and Tromsø in Norway. The jury convened by the European Youth Forum awarded the title to Lviv, the largest city in Western Ukraine, based on a detailed plan submitted by the municipality of Lviv and the local network of youth spaces, TVORI!.

The Lviv European Youth Capital 2025 program will address the emotional, moral, physical and financial losses experienced by young people in Ukraine. For this reason, the title of European Youth Capital will serve to turn Lviv into a center that helps young people to survive, live and develop in modern and European Ukraine.

General Assembly

From November 25 to 27, Anja and Maša participated in the general assembly of the European Youth Forum – GA YFJ.

On the first day, after the presentation of the candidates, the delegates voted for the members of the board of directors. Also, they then voted for the members of the FCC Financial Control Commission, and the members of the Consultative Body for CMBA membership applications were also appointed.

The following were elected as members of the board of directors for the period 2023-2024: as president, Maria Rodríguez Alcánzar, as vice presidents, Kristina Xenophonsis and Elias Dry and as members, Andrea Skriostanu, Daniele Taurino, Ismael Paez Sivico, Mark McNulty, Natalia Kalio , Nikolas Kujala and Rares Vojca.

The member organizations also voted for the adoption of two proposals:

Proposal to support the exclusion of the National Youth Council of Russia (NYCR),
Proposal: Jin, Jiyan, Azadî – Solidarity with the protesters in Iran.
Also, they voted for the admission of the National Youth Congress of Albania (KRK) to associate membership of the YFJ, as well as the expulsion of the National Youth Council of Russia (NYCR) from membership.

Finally, the members voted at the General Assembly for the adoption of the new and amended statute of the European Youth Forum.

What else did we do?

Within the general assembly, member organizations organized information sessions and workshops on various topics, from volunteering to social inclusion and engagement in mobility. On that occasion, KOMS delegates participated in a workshop entitled “Peace and youth: best practices from the implementation of the Youth, Peace and Security agenda” organized by YMCA, MIJARC and Allianssi. During the workshop, they heard about examples of good practice, but also shared the experience of KOMS’ work in this area.