KOMS at the European Congress on Global Education to 2050



From November 3 to 4, the European Congress on Global Education to 2050 was held in Dublin, Ireland.

The program manager, Milica Borjanić, attended this event on behalf of KOMS.

The Congress brought together ministries and agencies, youth organizations, civil society, local and regional governments, academia and international organizations to adopt a new Declaration on Global Education by 2050.


The National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) has been involved in this process from the beginning and through the entire process we have tried to advocate the needs of the youth association and for the youth, but also of all the youth in Serbia.

After the adoption of this Declaration, each signatory state will begin the process of implementing the Declaration and incorporating global education into existing education systems. This process implies certain changes that need to be made in order to achieve the goals of the Declaration itself, which imply adapting the education system to the needs of young people. It was at this conference in Dublin that we discussed the modalities of implementation of the Declaration and the possibilities for the involvement of various relevant actors.

The goal of the Declaration is to achieve the same vision of global education in Europe by 2050 and improve the education system so that it meets the needs of young people. KOMS will continue to monitor this process and represent the interests of young people so that Serbia also acts synergistically in the direction of the implementation of the Declaration and the active involvement of young people in the improvement of the education system.