UN Women: Capacity building trainings held

During October, two capacity building trainings were organized. These trainings took place in Belgrade, and at them the young participants had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills that they will be able to apply in the creation of public policies, activism and public advocacy.

On Friday (October 7) and Saturday (October 8), the Training on Youth Activism and Public Advocacy on Gender Equality took place, where young people learned with our trainers about public advocacy techniques, key actors and gender equality from the perspective of young people in Serbia. . In addition, two discussions were part of this two-day training.

The young people discussed generational equality and youth participation with Alaia El-Yassir, regional director of UN Women for Europe and Central Asia, Milana Rikanović, head of office and expert for program management of UN Women Serbia and Gordana Adamov, president of the KOMS Board of Directors.

Ivana Markulić, an alumna of the OSCE Academy of Dialogue for Young Women, Saška Radujkov, a member of the EDYN youth network and Mirjana Jugović, a member of the ALPI Women network, participated in the discussion on gender activism and public advocacy practices.


The second capacity building training, Training on creating public policies in Serbia, was held on Saturday and Sunday, October 29 and 30. On this occasion, young people from all over Serbia gathered to, with the help of trainers, acquire new skills and knowledge in this field. During the training, the participants gained insight into advocacy for the improvement of public policies, a strategic approach to public advocacy planning, key steps in campaign preparation, as well as the planning system in the Republic of Serbia, its strategic framework and examples of good practice.

Also, during the second capacity building training, young people contributed to the development of the campaign on social networks, creating content through which very important messages about sexism, gender-based violence and domestic violence will be streamed in the coming period.

Through capacity building training, the capacities of young individuals were additionally strengthened, and they were provided with an additional, broader space to fight against gender-based violence.

These activities were held with the support of UN Women Serbia, and young people from the “Youth against violence” coalition, which is supported by UN Women Serbia and the Norwegian Embassy in Serbia, participated in them.