Exploring localization of YPS: working meeting between KOMS and KRK

From Monday (September 5th) to Wednesday (September 7th) a meeting of representatives of the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) and the representatives of the Albanian National Youth Council – KRK (Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar) was held in Tirana, Albania.

This working meeting was dedicated to researching the localization of the Youth, Peace and Security agenda. At the meeting, it was concluded that the topic of peace and security is important for young people in Serbia and Albania, but also for young people in the Balkans in general. It was also determined that the common priorities within the agenda are the column Participation and Cooperation (Partnership).

It was concluded that working on the agenda requires a multi-sector approach and the involvement of a large number of actors, but it was also noted that KRK and KOMS as national youth councils are ready to initiate work on this topic.

The meeting in Tirana also represents the continuation of the cooperation that KOMS and KRK have, especially in the context of last year’s signed Memorandum of Understanding on the improvement of bilateral cooperation between actors in the youth sector of Albania and Serbia.

The visit to Tirana and the working meeting was organized as part of the project “Support and networking of youth policy actors at the local, national and regional level” implemented by the National Youth Council of Serbia with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.