Youth Guarantee in the Western Balkans: policy paper of the platform Connecting Youth

Connecting Youth platform is an initiative established by the close cooperation of the Institute for Cooperation and Development (CDI) and umbrella organizations and other federations and associations of youth in the Western Balkans.

The platform was created with the aim of connecting young people in the Balkans and provides young people, experts, informal movements and associations of young people and for young people with the opportunity to network, create joint initiatives, participate and collaborate on projects. Publications and guides are available to users on the platform, in various areas in which young people are active in the region.

One of the important issues for the Connecting Youth platform, since 2021, when the platform started evaluating the Economic and Investment Plan (EIP) for WB6 (Western Balkans 6), from the perspective of young people. As there is currently only one flagship EIP goal targeting youth – under the “Investment in Human Capital” – the Youth Guarantee Scheme, through policy dialogue and evidence-based advocacy across WB6, Connecting Youth is committed to ensuring that the perspectives of young people and youth organizations be included in all leading EIP projects.

Within the platform, a policy paper entitled “Youth Guarantee Deployment in the WB6: Institutional set-up and a perspective from youth organizations” was published in May 2022. In this document, divided by the economies of the Western Balkans, the performance so far in the field of implementation of the Youth Guarantee is presented.

You can read the entire document here.