The 10th KOMS Assembly was held!

The end of July this year, as well as the previous year, was reserved for holding the 10th KOMS Assembly. From July 22 to 24, 2022, the 10th regular KOMS Assembly was held in Vrnjačka Banja, which brought together numerous representatives of KOMS member organizations, as well as KOMS bodies (Administrative and Supervisory Board of KOMS, as well as Secretariat and Presidency).

The atmosphere was dynamic from the beginning and at any moment you could see a lot of enthusiastic young people talking to each other, exchanging ideas and experiences – both from the point of view of the organizations they come from, and from their personal points of view.

From the very beginning of the working part of the Assembly, the delegates were interested in working and participating in it. They were extremely active and often came to speak – they made comments and suggestions, and there were no shortage of questions.

After the opening of the Assembly session, the quorum was determined and the minutes were selected, as well as the minutes’ verifiers. This was followed by the adoption of the agenda, minutes from the previous IX Assembly of the KOMS.

Recorder Emilija Milenković and recorder Uglješa Surdučki

Then, the report of the Committee for Admission and Review of Membership, which in the past period dealt with the revision of existing and mapping of (then potential) member organizations, was presented and discussed before the delegates of the Assembly. In a dynamic atmosphere, with great interest from delegates, 9 candidates from youth organizations and for young people presented themselves in order to present themselves as well as possible before the Assembly and to be voted for admission to associate membership.

On this occasion, we listened to the presentation of the following organizations:

At the end of their presentations, the delegates of the Assembly had the opportunity to ask questions and give their comments on what they heard about the candidates for associate membership in KOMS.

The delegates declared their admission to associate membership and gave the green light for these 9 organizations to officially join the KOMS membership. At the moment, KOMS has 110 organizations in its membership.

This was followed by the presentation of the candidates and the vote on admission to full membership. Until this Assembly, four member organizations had the status of associate members, which was changed to the status of full membership. Those organizations are:

After the vote on the transition of these four member organizations from associate to full membership, the Assembly continued its work following the Agenda, and thus followed the presentation and adoption of the Rulebook on admission and revision of membership.

After the Rulebook on admission and review of membership was presented to all delegates present, the Assembly voted for its adoption.

Then it was the turn to consider and adopt the report of the Supervisory Board of KOMS for the period between the 9th and 10th Assembly.

After the successful adoption of the report of the NO KOMS for the specified period, the review and adoption of the report of the KOMS Management Board followed. After the presentation of the report, the former president of the KOMS Governing Board, Uroš Savić Kain, resigned from this position, which is why an extraordinary session of the KOMS Assembly will be organized in the following period in accordance with the Organization’s Statute.

As at every Assembly, the Annual Report on the work of the Komsomolsk between the 9th and 10th Assemblies, as well as the KOMS Financial Report for 2021 and the half-yearly KOMS Financial Report for 2022 were discussed and approved. As another item on the agenda, there was also the consideration and adoption of the Decision on membership fees in 2022.

The delegates of the Assembly also heard about the advocacy and digital strategy of KOMS, for which they showed special interest and asked questions regarding the details of the strategy.

As an important part of every Assembly, the point of the Agenda related to the consideration and adoption of the Annual Work Plan of the KOMS 2022-2023 was highlighted. The discussions within this point of the agenda were dynamic, especially since the delegates were divided into the groups they chose, each of which concerned one of the objectives of the Annual Work Plan.

In accordance with the KOMS Statute, this year elections were held within the Assembly

  • Two new members of the Governing Board of KOMS
  • The new composition of the Supervisory Board of KOMS
  • President and Deputy President of the Assembly.

The results of the election showed that the following new members of the KOMS body were selected:

Two new members of the KOMS Governing Board:

Supervisory Board of KOMS:

Gordana, Irina and Irina

Dunja Marušić from the Timok Youth Center (TOC) was elected as the new president of the Assembly, and Marko Nedeljković from the European Youth Parliament of Serbia (EPMS) will take the position of her deputy.

After the end of the voting and the official announcement of the new KOMS bodies, the tenth KOMS Assembly has officially come to an end.

This one, like all the previous ones, was of great importance for connecting young people from different member organizations, both because of potential cooperation in the future, and because of the acquaintances and friendships they made at the Assembly. We look forward to and eagerly await the next opportunities like this!

Пројекат ,,Млади. Сада и овде.” спроводи Кровна организација младих Србије, финансира Министарство омладине и спорта Републике Србије.