Erasmus+ CET: Study visit to Wrocław

From July 20 to 23, a study visit took place in Wroclaw, Poland. This visit was attended by representatives of two KOMS member organizations: representative of the Belgrade Open School, Aleksandra Stojanović and representative of the European Movement in Serbia, Zorana Milovanović.

The visit was also attended by representatives of civil society organizations from Portugal, Spain and Poland, in addition to Serbia.

As part of the visit, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Labaratorium futurum foundation, which deals with the promotion of non-formal education as an area that contributes to the spread of awareness through the spread of knowledge and continuous development. The social enterprise Miododajni, which was started by the foundation, was also presented.

As part of the visit, the participants also visited other institutions – such as an association that provides assistance to children with central nervous system damage and the Umbrella Foundation, which founded a company in which people with Down’s syndrome and autism work, which deals with information technologies.

The main goal of the activity was to meet local, innovative social entrepreneurs, talk with them and discover the factors of their success, better understanding and experience of social entrepreneurship, finding inspiration for creating tools for youth work in the future. In this way, the participants had the opportunity to better understand social entrepreneurship, which is very important because they will work on tools for its promotion, inspiration and creation of a common language between the participants, who will spend most of their time in the project working independently or in national teams.

The study visit was organized within the Erasmus + project “Social Entrepreneurship for the Future of Youth Work”, supported by the European Union.