Summary of the results of the 2022 Election Campaign Monitoring presented

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, a summary of the results of the Monitoring of the 2022 election campaign was presented at the Media Center in Belgrade.

You can find everything about the monitoring on the Monitoring 2022 page, and you can see the report below.

What did we monitor in the monitoring?

What did we monitor in the monitoring?
We followed direct party addresses, attitudes, promises, messages of politicians / candidates. We recorded both politicians and election actors
communicate about young people.

The data sources we used were:

  • the dimension of the frame or theme
  • dimension of the problem
  • actor dimension
  • policy dimension
  • number of young people on the lists

Electoral lists and young people in them:

Comparing the situation with the one from 2020, we came to the data that in 2020 there were 21 electoral lists, with a total of 580 young people on the lists of 3419 candidates for deputies. The situation in 2022 is such that a total of 418 young candidates out of 2,912 candidates are on 19 electoral lists.

Topics communicated to young people:

The dominant topics were the economic situation of young people (youth employment), education, youth departure, youth health, political participation of young people.

New topics that have been in the political discourse in the past period concern environmental policy, internal migration and youth in rural communities, state measures to support youth, demographic policy to support young (married) couples, housing policy and youth independence, youth activism.