KOMS representative participated at the meeting of the European Youth Forum in Brussels

A meeting was held in Brussels on March 5 and March 6, on the occasion of the amendments to the Statute of the European Youth Forum, which brought together representatives of member organizations of the European Youth Forum (Youth Forum Jeunesse – YFJ). 

This event was organized because the revision of the statute is necessary in order to harmonize with the changes in the Belgian law. The new statute seeks to encompass and merge the various existing rules of the European Youth Forum. 

During the event, representatives of the member organizations of the European Youth Forum worked together to create the final text. The final text is planned to be submitted for adoption at COMEM planned for November 2022.

The plenum and small groups discussed the main items and cooperated with the expert team, ie the YFJ lawyer who was in charge of drafting the statute. 

Anja Jokić, program coordinator, participated on behalf of KOMS. On this occasion, it networked with other umbrella federations from Europe, and especially with umbrella federations from the Southern Youth Councils (SYC) network.