KOMS representative at a working meeting with the working group of the Western Balkans Youth Lab On Mental Health from Serbia

On Thursday, February 10, 2022, a working meeting of the working group of the Western Balkans Youth Lab (WBYL) on mental health was held in Belgrade.

The meeting was attended by representative of KOMS, Anja Jokić, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, young members of the Working Group of the Youth Laboratory from Serbia, and members of the WBYL team.

This working meeting was held as a continuation of the Kick-Off event held in Tirana in December 2021. The aim of the meeting was to review the current process with a focus on the Action Plan, as well as providing concrete activities aimed at improving public policies, which will be presented at the mid-term conference planned for June 2022.

At the beginning of the meeting, Anja, as the youth co-chair of the Working Group from Serbia, introduced the representatives of the WBYL team with the planned Action Plan of the Working Group and the recommendation selected for the field of work in Serbia. After that, the working group jointly reviewed the Action Plan of the Working Group as well as the time frame of the process.

In 2022, through the Western Balkans Youth Laboratory (WBYL), young people and policy makers from Serbia and the Western Balkans, on the principles of co-management, will continue to work together to develop and improve public policies, as well as take on tasks to achieve jointly defined goals – improving the mental health and position of young people.

Western Balkans Youth Policy Lab project is a three-year project supported by the European Union and organized by the Regional Cooperation Council, which seeks to create a long-term structured regional dialogue between youth organizations and national administrations focused on joint policy making to increase youth participation in decision-making. , improve the overall socio-economic environment and mobility of young people. in the economies of the Western Balkans through different types of activities.