Successfully conference on Youth Participation and Mobility: What is the role of actors at the local level?

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021 in Belgrade, a conference entitled “Youth Participation and Mobility: What is the role of actors at the local level?” was held.

On this occasion, representatives of Serbian and French local governments, youth organizations, schools and high schools gathered around three round tables on the following topics:

  • mechanisms for active participation of young people at the local level;
  • volunteering and its benefits to the local community;
  • school exchanges and local communities.

Representatives of the french city of Nevers and the Val de Loire region were also present at the conference, in order to concretize the intention to host young people from Serbia in their local communities, but also to share their experiences and talk about examples of good practice. from their communities. In the introductory part, the Secretary General of the KOMS, Miljana Pejić, explained from what angle the importance of the mechanisms of local youth policy is important and important for the KOMS. In his closing speech, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Milan Savić, and the Ambassador of France to Serbia, H. E. Pierre Koshar, who emphasized the importance of greater encouragement of volunteering, school exchanges between France and Serbia, but also the regional exchange of the Western Balkans. As France takes over the presidency of the European Union on January 1, 2022, and Serbia will take over the presidency of RYCO on the same date, a desire was announced to develop joint activities for the benefit of young people in the coming months.

The French Embassy in Serbia, the Tempus Foundation, the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation and the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) organized a conference aimed at motivating local actors in Serbia to engage with young people.

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