InterCOOLtural future: training and street action held

InterCOOLtural future: training and street action held

The training within the InterCOOLtural future program took place over the weekend, September 11 and 12, where participants from Novi Pazar and Bujanovac had the opportunity to learn more about the concept of interculturality, differentiation from the concept of multiculturalism and to acquire leadership skills based on connectivity. and the permeation of cultures.

In the first part of the training, held by Jovana Spremo from the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM), the topics were interculturalism, tolerance and protection against discrimination. An integral part of the session was group work and presentation of teamwork. During the first day, participants got to know each other better through formal (workshops) and informal ways of communication (breaks, free time) and learned about each other but also from each other.

The second part of the training was dedicated to a modern media campaign and the planning of a street action – the distribution of flyers on interculturalism in the pedestrian zone of Vrnjacka Banja. The main goal of the training and the InterCOOLtural Future program itself is to raise awareness and campaigns about interculturalism among young people as well as to promote interculturalism, tolerance and coexistence of young people from different ethnic backgrounds in Serbia.

The training and campaign are part of the project Support to Civil Society Organizations for the Promotion of Interculturalism among Young People from Different Ethnic Groups, implemented by the National Youth Counil of Serbia in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Serbia.