Announcement: Permanent Expert Team on EU Youth Dialogue is Formed

Announcement: Permanent Expert Team on EU Youth Dialogue is Formed

The Republic of Serbia is the first country outside of the European Union that has established a national institutional mechanism for harmonization of youth policy in Europe. 

The Permanent Expert Team on EU Youth Dialogue was established at the 16th session of the Youth Council of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, held on May 14th, 2021. 

The Permanent Expert Team on the EU Youth Dialogue of the Youth Council was formed based on the model of the National Working Groups for the implementation of the EU Youth Dialogue, which are obligatory only for EU member states. Such working groups are established to coordinate good youth policies and to establish standardized practices for involving young people in decision-making processes. 

National Youth Council of Serbia initiated the formation of this mechanizm, in the partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the aim of improving youth policies and accelerating the process of European integration. 

Representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of European Integration, the National Association of Youth Workers, the Tempus Foundation and the National Youth Council of Serbia will participate in the work of The Permanent Expert Team. 

Intersectoral coordination group, which only EU member states have, represents an important step and the potential for youth and their active participation. Its institutionalization within the Youth Council of the Government of the Republic of Serbia ensures that youth recommendation are the key element for the development of youth policy.